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Central Heating System.

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Central Heating System?

A central heating system warms up the whole building (or a part of the building) for one or more rooms. When it is combined with other systems to control the building's temperature, the whole system could be an HVAC system (heating and ventilation and air conditioning).

Every single cooling unit is a very complex system. There may be a possibility of it breaking down after years of running, and you may need to repair the A/C unit. Whether you are looking to repair your A/C unit or need a full HVAC system installation, the experts at Victory Home Service will provide you with a quick and high quality professional service to ensure maximum comfort in your home.

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Heating Services

  • Furnace repair/troubleshooting
  • Furnace seasonal change-overs
  • Furnace replacement / New installation
  • Duct design/Load Calculations

Simply put, a central gas heating system creates a cycle of increasing the temperature of cooler air. Here is the simple version:

  • Burning propane or natural gas generates heat in the furnace's burner.
  • The heat produced passes through a heat exchanger, making it hot.
  • Air from the home's ductwork is blown over the heat exchanger, warming the air.
  • The furnace's blower then forces the heated air into the supply ductwork, distributing it throughout the home.


Furnace Installation, Furnace Replacement & Heating Installation

No matter what kind of heating system installation, backfit project, or replacement of old equipment, it's a huge project. Trust the experts at Victory Home Service, and we'll ensure a simple and quick process. We'll come up with the perfect solution for you that take into important aspects such as cost, comfort, and satisfaction for years to come.

Heat Pump Replacement, Heat Pump Service & Heat Pump Repair

The VHS team has been highly trained to provide services for state-of-the-art heat pumps. Trust us for new constructions, backfit, seasonal maintenance, replacement, skilled repair, and many other services in Orange County. We ensure that your system is running without issue, and treat every project with care and professionalism.

Heating Repair, Furnace Repair & Heating System Repair

The heating system is the most important element in your home, and any interruption in its performance requires highly skilled service. The technicians at Victory Home Service have over 15 years decades proven reliability and will commit to your long-term satisfaction. No matter how minor or complex the issues are, we respond to every issue promptly and handle every step of the service with care.

Locally Trusted for Heating Services in Orange county

Winters could be very chilly, but we can make them comfortable. Victory Home Service has more than 15 years of experience in providing services for heating systems in Orange County and LA for both residential and commercial clients. We are proud to say that we qualify for working with any heating and cooling unit.

If your heater has broken down during the freezing winter season, call us right away! We will send over the experts that can fix it. Our work will keep you and your family cozy during winter, and at the same time expand the life of your heater. You'll definitely see an improvement in your health, interior, and bills with the heating repairs.

Be Ready for All That Winter Brings

Whether you're in need of minor preparatory maintenance or need to find the right heater to replace your current one, Victory Home Service is at your service.

You'll need to reply on your heating system in order to keep you warm while the outdoor temperatures decrease. If you have an older system or have expanded your space, a new furnace and heating installation may be the way to go. Our technicians will listen to your needs and provide recommendations that meet your budget.

Furnace and heating installation: Is it time for a new furnace?

As the years pass by, efficiency decreases and needs may change, which might mean a new furnace and heating installation. Start evaluating your heating system now and get ready for the chilly winter season. You might be needing a new system if:

  • Your current heating system is over 15 years old.
  • You recently expanded your living space.
  • Your current heating system needed to have repairs be done in order to keep it running.
  • You have to adjust the thermostat frequently to stay at a comfortable temperature.
  • Your energy bills have continued to skyrocket without any explanation.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the freezing weather due to a malfunctioning heating system/ broken furnace. Victory Home Service can quickly diagnose your system and make any repairs to get your heating system/ furnace back into good shape.

Furnace and Heating Repair: Signs of furnace troubles

Because problems occur with the furnace when you are least expecting it, keep an eye out for the following signs, and call us if you encounter any of the following:

  • Banging, crackling, squealing, or screeching while your furnace or heating system is on.
  • Your furnace isn't turning on.
  • Your energy bills are unexpectedly higher than usual.
  • The air coming from your furnace doesn’t feel very warm.
  • Some areas of your home feel comfortable, while other areas are not warm.

Furnace and heating repair:

What Happens?

When your furnace or heating system needs to be repaired, Victory Home Service responds promptly to keep you warm. Our skilled technicians will diagnose your system and find out what the issue is. We will also check to see if there is anything else we can fix now to prevent any future issues from arising. All repairs will be done in a quick and efficient manner, so that you are comfortable in your home again.


Additionally, we will provide furnace and heating system maintenance services to make sure that your heating system will be performing effectively and efficiently in the years to come.
Proper care for your furnace or heating system will provide you with maximum comfort and peace of mind.

It’s Getting Older

Most AC's have a lifespan of about 10~15 years. As the years progress, you may notice more and more problems popping up.

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Get More Comfort.

Are you looking for solutions to save more energy, or is your air conditioner not functioning? If so, Victory Home Service can help you find the most energy efficient and effective air conditioner replacement solutions for you.