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Commercial HVAC Service?

HVAC System Function in Large Buildings

How does it all come together? Imagine the cooling cycle in a common HVAC system:

The refrigerant is compressed, which increases its temperature and pressure. The condenser blows hot outside air over the refrigerant vapor to liquefy it. The refrigerant is then changed into a low-pressure liquid by the expansion valve, thus cooling it down. The evaporator transfers heat to change the cool liquid to a warmer gas.

The basic concepts are the same, no matter what size the building is, although the use of cooling towers and "free cooling" can make things a bit more complicated. In an electrical system, the heating cycle is similar to the cooling cycle.

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

A number of interconnected systems that provide cooling and heating to individual floors and numerous areas can provide benefits to commercial structures. Some solutions you might see in a large-scale commercial HVAC system include:

Heat Pumps: Extracts heat from air or water for heating- It is the opposite of a refrigerator. In a water source heat pump, water is carried by a pump through the structure to supply the heat pump.

Roof Top Units: These units are found on the roof or ground and conditioned air is ducted into the space. They are very common in commercial HVAC.


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